Deepak Bharkhada, PhD

Staff Scientist

Siemens Healthcare

Knoxville, TN

Email: dkbharkhada@yahoo.com

I am interested in research and development of Computed Tomography (CT), Micro-CT, nano-CT, PET, SPECT, Electron Microscopy, and image processing. I currently work on image reconstruction and corrections for PET. In the past I have worked on image reconstruction algorithms for CT. I have worked towards finding parameters for Variable resolution X-ray CT to achieve higher resolution, developing novel cardiac CT techniques and algorithms like Knowledge Based Dynamic Volumetric Cardiac CT, Controlled Cardiac CT, Saddle-like X-ray Source Trajectories, and Interior Tomography to reduce dose and improve image quality. Our Line X-ray Source Based CT paper is the first paper to solve a contradiction between spatial resolution and acquisition time. This article also proposed a SART Based Iterative Algorithm to solve this non-linear inverse problem. To learn more about my work you may download my publications from this website. If you need additional information please feel free to send me an email.

I have a Bachelor's degree from Mumbai University, Mumbai, India and a Master's degree from Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA and a PhD degree from School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (SBES) at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA and Wake Forest University, Winston Salem, NC. All my degrees are in Biomedical Engineering. I was awarded a distinction of SBES outstanding doctoral student in 2010. I have received various scholarships to pursue undergraduate and graduate education. I serve as a reviewer for the reputed journals of IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, International Journal of Biomedical Imaging, Medical Physics, and Journal of X-ray Science and Technology. I have served as a reviewer for Medical Imaging Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI-07) conference, IEEE International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (IEEE CSE-08), and Fully Three Dimensional Image Reconstruction for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine (Fully 3D-10) conference. I was a Conference Secretariat for The Huangguoshu International Interdisciplinary Conference on Biomedical Mathematics: Promising Directions in Imaging, Therapy Planning and Inverse Problems (HGS-08) .